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Human Capital Management and Leadership Styles

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Human capital management is a standard way of relating to people as a resource and how to manage that resource. The focus is on how to organize and provide specific information on workforce acquisition, management, and optimization. There are specific areas that help enable human capital management and they are core administrative support, strategic human capital management support, and other. The core support is comprised o personnel administration, benefits administration, payroll, portal/employee self-service, and service center. The strategic support is made of workforce planning, competency management, performance management, compensation planning and strategy, time and expense management, learning, recruitment, onboarding, contingent workforce management, and organization visualization. Other is made up of reporting and analytics and workflow.

Let’s first define Human Capital that is the totality of talent that is found in an organization. It includes employee’s skills and behaviors and the ability to see beyond what is obvious in the work environment. It involves innovation, critical thinking, negotiation, conflict resolution, problem solving, team building, and interpersonal competencies. It basically represents the investment that people make in them that can enhance their productivity. (Olaniyan & Okemakinde, 2008)

AGC has a variety of human capital management problems and they start with intercultural communication issues, political and regulatory conditions of the host country and subsidiaries, diversity and multiculturalism, employee retention and motivation issues, employee dissatisfaction, performance issues, an overall global human capital strategy that takes into account the home and host country nationals, and lack of good leadership.

There are some different leadership styles at ACG some of them are Autocratic...

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