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Human Diseases

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Iron deficiency anemia is a condition where the body does not have enough healthy red blood cells. Iron deficiency is also known as too little iron. Lily’s body needs iron to produce hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the part of the red blood cells that give blood its red color. Hemoglobin also carries oxygenated blood to the body. That is the main reason why Lily is tired all the time. Vegetarians, frequent blood donators, infants and children, and women are all risk factors for iron deficiency anemia. It is caused by a poor iron diet; the body doesn’t absorb the iron well, long-term slow blood loss, and rapid growth. Lily shows some of the common symptoms for iron deficiency anemia, pale skin color and unusual food cravings such as her hot dog, bread, and pasta only diet. Other symptoms include “blue-tinged or very pale whites of eyes, blood in the stools, brittle nails, decreased appetite (especially in children), fatigue, headache, irritability, and shortness of breath, sore tongue, and weakness”. ("Health Central", 2012). Lily can prevent iron deficiency anemia by including more iron in her diet. It’s important that Lily’s mother tries to include more sources of iron. Milk is not a good source of iron. Good sources of iron include chicken, fish, eggs, turkey, soy beans, spinach, prunes, raisins, and oatmeal. It is also important to not overload her body with iron. Iron accumulation can damage the liver. Complications can arise from iron deficiency anemia. Complications from untreated anemia can include heart problems, problems during pregnancy, and growth problems. Mild iron anemia usually won’t have any complications. “Sickle cell anemia is an inherited blood disease which can cause episodes of pain, damage to vital organs, and for some, and death in childhood or early adulthood”. ("Health Central", 2012). Normal red blood cells are round,...

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