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The Causes of massive movements are due more too human or physical factors?
What can increase the chance of a landslide?

Several factors can increase a slopes susceptibility to a landslide event: * water (rainfall or the movement of the sea) — this acts as a grease to the material increasing the likelihood that it will slip and also adds extra weight to the rock * erosion processes — such as coastal erosion and river erosion * steepness of slope * type of 'rocks' — soft rock such as mudstone or hard rock such as limestone * shape of the rock 'grains' * jointing and orientation of bedding planes * arrangement of the rock layers * Weathering processes — for example freeze-thaw reduces the stickiness (cohesion) between the rock grains. * lack of vegetation which would help bind material together * flooding * volcanoes and earthquake activity nearby * man's activity — mining, traffic vibrations or urbanisation which changes surface water drainage patterns
Aberfan disaster 1966 * 21st October 1966, involving a coal tip slag heap at Aberfan, killed 147 people. * A build-up of rain water inside the tip at Aberfan probably burst the base of the tip and caused 2 million tons of waste to slid down the valley * Thus cause of man’s activity as dumping kept increasing the weight on the slope on the slope, increasing sheer stress and reducing sheer strength. * Physical causes of hill (the clay) being eroded by water increase steepness of slope * Also Aberfan had experienced more rainfall that is gets on average during the whole month within 2 days.
Holbeck hall 1993 * 5th june 1993 a landslip caused the destruction of the Holbeck hall hotel. * Caused by droughts making the area unstable as the clay had become dry and cracked in previous years and then saturated by rain....

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