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Human Health and Global Environmental Change

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HUMAN HEALTH AND GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE The Global Warming is not occurring evenly. The effect is high in the poles especially the Arctic. We know the Globe is warming from thermometers placed at various points in the Earth. This gives data from about 1830’s to current day. The oldest thermometer employed to find the atmospheric temperature was from Germany. But the disadvantage is we can go back only 200 years or so.
To find the facet of climate before those periods, we use ICE. Ice cores from Antarctica and Greenland are drilled and studied. As snow falls on Earth, which is mostly Ocean, it sinks in due to higher density and so the deeper we drill the Ice cores from, the older the temperature records we will end up analyzing. How do we do this study? Water is made of Hydrogen and Oxygen. There are types of Oxygen, one that weighs 16 and one that weighs 18. These are Atomic weights. This makes the molecules’ weight different. Water that is heavier condenses more readily and water that is lighter evaporates more readily. So near Equator, where the temperature is high the lighter oxygen evaporates more readily as we move to the poles the concentration of Heavier oxygen decreases compared to the concentration of Lighter Oxygen by 5%, since the temperature is lower at the poles and the light water evaporation is reduced.
So when you take the ice core from various depths and analysis the ratio of Heavy water to Light water we can figure out the temperature effect. If we take a ice core from the surface of the water and compare it with the ice core from the submerged in depths, we find the surface has lesser Light water molecules than the one from the submerged one, meaning they are evaporating.
There are various other signs as well; Glacier meltdown, Animal migration and Spring bloom of flowers.
What evidence do we have that Human actions cause…...

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