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Human Media Influences on American Values

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In what ways have various forms of entertainment media shaped American culture and its values?
Entertainment media in my opinion is looked at as television and then the radio for the most part. Phones laptops and tablets etc.. Are also included in this category. I believe it is shaping our American culture because we get all our “reality” from there. For example, we watched shows like the Brady bunch and The Cosby Show and knew that when we grew up, we wanted to have the big family and both the heads of the household were very successful so it seemed everything would be so simple in life. Slowly, television turned and it showed separated families and that idea marinated that maybe life was this way too. Television little do we know helps us to shape how we are. At least it did at some point in everyone’s life. When it comes to our phones, we gave that control of our moves in life. I know when I go to bed at night, I depend on my phone to wake me up by the alarm set. This is giving the phone the knowledge and power of controlling if I wake up in the morning to get to work on time or not. This is just one example of how entertainment is shaping our values and culture. It’s literally taking over.
Are the social influences of entertainment media mostly positive or negative? Explain
The media does promote positive energy but majority of the time they are looking for the negative headlines to bring to the table. The answer to the question is media by all means entertain negativity mostly. Negativity seems like it draws the audience in more and that gives the ratings it needs in order for it to keep it going. I believe a very good example of this is when rapper Drake and singer Chris Brown got into a brawl with one another at a party over a female and it made the news in less than 5 minutes after the altercation took place. Yet, you rarely hear about how Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were adopting children to give healthy and supportive homes to.
Media does have an effect on our behaviors and attitudes. When we are going through a breakup, we watch Lifetime Movie Network, eat ice cream and listen to sad songs to people that relate to us. That is a natural reaction to a lot of females that go through that situation. When people are pre gaming and want to get much pumped up, you blast rock or hip hop music and you get your energy from the music. Music really plays a natural part of our lives.

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