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What is Migration?
Human Migration is the movement of people from one place in the world to another for the purpose of taking up permanent or semi-permanent residence. The reasons for migration can be economic, social, political or environmental. The main types of migration are internal migration, external migration, emigration and immigration. EXIT COUNTRY - Syria
Located in Western Asia

Located – Southern Asia

Reasons for Syrian Crisis:
Political Reasons:
• Civil War since March 2011
• Human Rights Abuse – Arrests of protestors, Torture of prisoners etc.
• Large scale military operations conducted by government
• Use of chemical weapons and bombs
• Missile attacks and suicide bombings

Economic Reasons:
• Loss of jobs
• High poverty rates

Environmental Reasons:
• Drought in early 2011 resulting in economic downfall

Social Reasons:
• Ethnic discrimination
• Denial of cultural and language rights
• Lack of free speech

Unemployment Potential for employment
Lack of services Better services
Poor safety and security Safer atmosphere
Concerns about high crime rates Low crime rates
Drought Less risk of natural hazards
Poverty Greater wealth
War Political security Attractive climate Attractive quality of life
Political fear/Lack of freedom Political freedom
Discrimination Religious tolerance Better education Better medical facilities

Please explain the effects of migration on the immigrants (people migrating and their families) and the people in their new country

By each effect you wrote about write EC (economic), P (political), S(social) and EN (Environmental) to identify what kind of effect the migration had.

Economic Effect:
1. Reduced unemployment in Syria due to migration.
2. Reduction in poverty in Syria as migrants transfer some part of their income frequently.
3. Money sent to Syria helps the Syrian economy.
4. When emigrants enter India, it increases the load on the economy of the country and increases the economic problems in India.
5. Successful emigrants encourage others to follow them to India.

Social Effect:
1. Raise status of family due to better living and working conditions in India.
2. Opportunities for new shops, restaurants to be opened by Syrians in Indian cities depicting their country’s special items, food etc.
3. Will help Indians understand Syrian culture, cuisine, festivals etc.
4. Due to migration, there could be an effect on social development in Syria.
5. The migrants will have to stay away from their families and their relatives.

Environmental Effect:
1. Reduction in pressure on land in Syria as people move out.
2. When people move out of Syria, the farmlands might be abandoned and might become barren with time.
3. Due to increase in population, India might face water supply problems.
4. Hygiene might become a problem due to increase in population in India.

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