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Human Resouce Management of Today

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Human Resource Management of Today
Robyn Varner
September 26th, 2011


Human Resource Management of Today

Human Resource Management is very valuable and plays a significant role with an organization. With the changes in the business world, Human Resource Management has transformed into a key piece of the business strategy and overall support within an organization. Human Resource Management must balance two primary responsibilities: assisting the organization in it strategic direction and representing and advocating for the organization’s employees (DeCenzo & Robbins, 2007). Recruiting, motivating, and maintenance are key practices for Human Resource Management. Globalization has changed the world of business and how an organization recruits to fill the open positions. The first step is for Human Resource Management to understand the organization’s mission and strategy, the human resource need can be determined and the screening process can begin. With the creation of online job boards recruiting is no longer limited to the workforce within a specific area. This has opened up the geographic area and the range of skills in which organizations can search for and find the specific skill set needed for the position. With increased applicants, the screening process is very important to ensure that right candidate is selected. Human Resource Management is also responsible to supply important information regarding the company’s culture, benefits programs, and what is expected of the employee. Motivation and Maintenance are also very key roles of Human Resource Management. It has been proposed that one’s performance is in an organization is a function of two factors: ability and willingness to do the job (DeCenzo & Robbins, 2007). As for performance, employees need to possess the appropriate skills; Human...

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