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With the development of high technologies, social media has been widely used by companies and individuals. Many users, especially the younger ones, are active users of many kinds of social network media, like Twitter, Facebook, MySpac, blogs and YouTube. However, while there are many benefits of using social media for companies, they still face with many problems of the effects of using social network media by their workers, since many workers like to post their comments on social media freely, which may related to the company’s secret information, hence, although many organizations do not have clear guidelines for prohibiting employees from using social media, they still take measures to monitor their employees’ behaviors on social media. In addition, many organizations do not have social media policy, even they have, and the enforcement of the policy is not effective. In this situation, the case study aims to find out resolutions for how the social media policy could be implemented effectively in organizations with Singapore Airlines as an example. Two issues, including enforcement challenges, and de-motivating staff due to monitoring them, will be discussed, and respective resolutions will be presented to each issue for better designing or implementing the social media policies.

Enforcement challenges
Many companies face with challenges when enforcing social media policy. For example, companies that have implemented social media policy say that the enforcement is not an easy task. Additionally, even though companies have highlight that staff should not post information related to anything about the organization, the rule is often not strongly enforced. Also, companies would ignore comments if the company’s name is not mentioned in the postings. Further more, employees feel averse to being watched. This means that it is hard for Singapore Airlines...

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