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Human Resouces Management

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Introduction to Psychology


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Key Concepts for Chapter 1

What is the science of psychology?


Psychologists at Work

are the major specialties in the field of

The Subfields of Psychology:
Psychology’s Family Tree

psychology? ● Where do psychologists

Working at Psychology
PsychWork: Licensed Social Worker



What are the origins of psychology? ● What are the major approaches in contemporary psychology? ● What are psychology’s key issues and controversies? ● What is the future of psychology likely to hold?

A Science Evolves: The Past, the Present, and the Future
The Roots of Psychology
Today’s Perspectives
Applying Psychology in the 21st Century:
Psychology Matters
Psychology’s Key Issues and Controversies
Psychology’s Future


What is the scientific method? ● What role

Research in Psychology

do theories and hypotheses play in

The Scientific Method

psychological research? ● What research

Descriptive Research

methods do psychologists use? ● How do

Experimental Research

Psychological Research

psychologists establish cause-and-effect relationships using experiments?

What major issues confront psychologists conducting research?

Research Challenges:
Exploring the Process
The Ethics of Research
Exploring Diversity: Choosing
Participants Who Represent the Scope of Human Behavior
Neuroscience in Your Life: The Importance of Using Representative Participants
Should Animals Be Used in Research?
Threats to Experimental Validity:
Avoiding Experimental Bias
Becoming an Informed Consumer of Psychology: Thinking
Critically About Research...

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