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The Best Way to Eradicate Poverty

Major Barbara is a play demonstrating how the poor will not flourish from accepting charity. Rather, capitalism is the best structure for everyone to live under. The play features Major Barbara, an officer in the Salvation Army who has dedicated her life to helping the poor. She soon realizes that charity is not the best option to abolish poverty. Giving the poor jobs and letting them earn a living is the best way for people to live. Poverty cannot be 100 percent eliminated, however business owners giving the lower-class jobs will help relieve the poor. Capitalism works by promoting hard work for its citizens. Hard work yields a much more productive society.
In Major Barbara, Undershaft is the capitalist who shows Barbara that giving the poor the skills to work on their own is much more beneficial than simply donating to them. Unemployment is the foundation of poverty. To employ citizens is to eradicate poverty. Undershaft knows that the poor will only become poorer if they do not have the proper skills to survive. The Salvation Army and other charitable organizations do not promote self-sufficiency. People are not happy when they cannot take care of themselves. People accepting help from others often feel guilty and ashamed of what they are taking. A recent study has shown the happiness levels of European countries that have recently switched to a capitalistic society. Suicide rates have greatly decreased since the switch, thus demonstrating the increase in the nation’s morale. As Shaw strongly depicts the advantages of capitalism, other points of view are also demonstrated in the play. Barbara’s point of view is to help those in need through her work at the Salvation Army. Barbara’s goals are to inspire hope and faith in people and introduce them to the church. Barbara believes that The Salvation Army is the only thing...

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