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Human Resource Best Practices

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Organizations these days strive for success. This age is hypercompetitive in nature and only those organizations survive in this era those have some form of competitive advantage. People or human resource is considered to be one of the main sources of achieving competitive advantage in this age. Considering the importance of human resource in organizations, many organizations these days are promoting and practicing best HR practices. In the study, CIMB and Microsoft have been found to promote and practice many notable HR practices. Since our company “CARA SKY” has been trying to perform well but somewhere along the line of performance there is something misplaced or broken. CARA SKY Company has been suffering from employees’ absenteeism, which is being caused the morale of the employees. Having consulted the best HR practices in CIMB and Microsoft, the objective is to accommodate or apply some newer hr practices to reduce the problem of employee absenteeism in CARA SKY Company.
CIMB Bank is one of the reputed banks operating in Malaysia. CIMB has started its operation back in 1920s by starting a bank in Sarawak. For the last 95 years, CIMB has been operating successfully and also expanding their business to some Asian countries namely Singapore, Indonesian, Cambodia, and Thailand. CIMB has two mainstream banking products namely – CIMB banking solutions for conventional customers and CIMB Islamic window for Muslim customers (, 2015).The company vision statement is to be the Premier Investment Bank in Malaysia post liberalization and deregulation and mission statement is to invest in our people to derive a culture driven by innovation to deliver quality service whilst providing superior returns and value to our stakeholders.
Human resource being an importance resource for CIMB, CIMB has been following some of the industry’s best noteworthy HR...

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