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Human Resource in Hospitality

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Human Resources Research Paper


There are many benefits that employers offer to their employees to attract that to work at their company. Human Resources provides benefits in six core areas, Health which includes (medical, prescription drug, dental, vision, and health care flexible spending accounts), Retirement (university provided retirement contributions and employee retirement savings vehicles), Tuition (for employees and eligible children of employees), Life Insurance (basic and supplemental life and AD&D insurance, and life insurance for dependents), Disability Insurance (short- and long-term disability and workers' compensation), Lifestyle Support (such as child care, EAP, transportation, banking, paid time off, and other benefits). In our research paper we will explore how some of these benefits affect the social, political and ethical areas of Great Britain and Australia.

Life Insurance

Human resource is a very difficult subject. It has so many different aspects to cover. The manual for human resource is so long but every area is important and has to be covered. Benefits are what every employee looks forward when looking for a job, though I believe many applicants don’t ask the question about life insurance. Life insurance is a touchy subject but I believe that every person should be insured for themselves and their loved ones. Not being covered whether it’s with or without your companies can leave financial hardship on your loved ones when you’re gone.

Group life insurance exists just about everywhere. It’s a single policy that allows many members of an organization or employment group to purchase a life insurance policy with competitive wholesale premiums rates, offering minimal or no medical underwriting along with simple administration provided by a broker. The main benefit of group life insurance is to cover the lives...

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