Human Resource Management Department Brochure

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Hancock Manufacturing Human Resource Brochure

John Hancock started his company in 1951 over 60 years ago, his dream was to produce high quality utility trailer equipment. Mr. Hancock started the business in Dearborn Michigan where the automotive industry was booming. The company went from one building to owning several factories worldwide. Hancock Manufacturing has been named one of the leading sellers of utility trailer equipment by manufacture best magazine, and has also been deemed one of the top manufacture companies to work for. Mr. Hancock vision of the company is to take care of the employees first and the businesses will be successful. The Human Resource Management (HRM) department has commitment, determination, and organization to help the company to meet their mission and vision goals. The HRM team is the center of the companies’ vision and over the years the HR department has been restructure to provide training, and recruiting the best diverse talent for the organization.
Technology is the cornerstone of any organization by Hancock manufacturing investing in new technologies; it allowed the organization to be more proficient and profitable. While updating operator procedures the tools used, and equipment that is designed to make the work more efficient and the organization. Technology has had many changes over the past 10 years in the human resources department that has benefited the obligations at Hancock Manufacturing. The new technology makes this department an integrated communication center. It provides updated information for employees it helps Hancock develop ways of staying in touch with clients who are worldwide. Networking systems are extremely beneficial to Hancock HRM department because of the vast number of employees and supplies that go through the doors each day. Hancock Manufacturing can link multiple computers,…...