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Human Resource Management (Hrm) Practices

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Human Resource Management (HRM) practices
However, the greatest impact on both service quality and productivity in hotels is likely to derive from efficient and effective HRM practices.
Recruitment is presently negligible in Indonesian and Malaysian hotels, but has become a crucial issue in Singapore (eg. Debrah, 1993) and Australia, in terms of both quantity and quality. Desperate situations require innovative solutions. The Singapore Grand has a comprehensive recruitment strategy, including the attraction of older employees, incentive employee referral programmes, hotel trainees from SHATEC, guest workers, and a mix of full-time, part-time, casual and “internal casual” employees. Australian hotels are in a similar situation. At least part of the solution to the staffing dilemma - ie., quantity but variable quality - may be in closer hotel management involvement in the curricula and accreditation of hotel training schools and associations.

Criteria for employee quality in all hotels needs attention as well, and this has been established in most hotels studied, through job analyses, revised job descriptions and distilled selection criteria. The Jakarta International and the Penang Resort, in particular, have designed comprehensive job analysis and selection interview systems. Most hotels suggest that skills requirements are less crucial in choosing service employees than their attitudes, behaviour or values. Cultural advantages appear to exist here in Indonesia and Malaysia.

After selection, human resource management practices which assist the achievement of overall hotel objectives, ensure effective employee performance and encourage commitment and motivation, as in all industries, are the most productive. Thus all of the hotels studied conduct regular training for all levels of employees, both on the job and externally. The Seaview Resort is endeavouring to…...

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