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I. Introduction 1.1 Background of the Company
Before getting to know about the company, the first thing needs to know is about Pho – traditional food of Vietnam. Pho can be considered as one of the most typical foods for Vietnam food. The main components of Pho are noodles and broth along with beef or chicken, sliced thin. It also accompanying with condiments such as soy sauce, pepper, lemon, fish sauce, chilli ... The condiments is added depending on the user’s taste.
Pho24 is a chain of restaurants that belongs to Nam An Group (Vietnam’s most successful F&B Corporation). The first Pho24 restaurant is opened in June 2003 in Nguyen Thiep Street, opposite Saigon Sheraton hotel by Ly Qui Trung – CEO Nam An Group. More than 20 years ago, Ly Qui Trung start at a point not better than anyone – a poor student failed to get in university and working as waitress at De Nhat Hotel. In 1991, with the help of his friends, he has guaranteed to come to study in Australia. A poor student has become deputy manager of a food-sector company TECA World. 2 years later he decided to focus on helping his family in restaurant system, and that how Nam An Group were born. During the time operating system in Nam An restaurant, Ly Qui Trung has came up with a business idea of Pho – a familiar food of Vietnam and many foreign tourists favourite. But because of its familiar so building brand is the most difficult part for Ly Qui Trung. And the name “Pho24” had came up with the meaning of 24 different condiments in a bowl of noodle. Ly Qui Trung said, “ At first no one believes that consumers will pay for a bowl of noodle is priced several times higher than in ordinary shops. But for me I always have faith that brand I have established will be very successful, because I had calculated the income of people. Life currently is better than before very much and people spent a bit more...

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