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Human Resource Management and Project Management

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Developing A Questionnaire

Charles R. Zardus
Kaplan University

Marketing Research
MT 355

Professor Richard Caldarola
May 30, 2016

Introduction This paper will show a research problem for online grocery shopping case study. We will also provide a brief explanation of the questions that were developed for the survey to assist the research project in developing a marketing plan to develop a software program that is user friendly to the shopper. With this software one may be able to gain that compatible edge.
Research Problem For this project the research problem would be “What makes an online shoppers experience satisfying?” Trying to determine what makes a shopper want to return to a service is a key part of the success to a business. You have to understand and know your customers wants and needs to be able to provide them with the service they desire. In this case making a software program that is easy to navigate and have the customer feel as though they are interacting may be beneficial, however we first need to understand what the customer likes or dislikes about the service. Not all customers wants are the same. We will need to create a questionnaire that will help us get to know our customer base and their needs. The questionnaire needs to cover some basic information, however we do not want it to be to complex or long as we may chase off possible responders. That leads us to the questionnaire.
Questionnaire Link Explanation of Questions A brief explanation of the questions and the reasoning behind them listed below.
Questions 1 through 3: Determining a person’s gender, age, and marital status can help us to better understand the type of customers we are getting. Working with the internet it is more difficult to determine a...

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