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Human Resource Management

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QR Governance & Management Framework

Human Resource Management System






Controlled Copy No.

1 December 2008
Chief Human Resources Officer

Recruitment and Selection

1 of 7


Version 1.1


Purpose ......................................................................................... 3


Scope ............................................................................................. 3


Key Roles and Responsibilities................................................... 3

Chief Human Resources Officer................................................. 3


Direct Reports to the Chief Executive Officer ............................. 3


Hiring Manager and Recruitment Consultant ............................. 4


Recruitment Centre .................................................................... 4


Applicants................................................................................... 4


Requirements ................................................................................ 4


The Recruitment and Selection Process .................................... 4

Recruitment Timeframe .............................................................. 5


Advertising Vacancies ................................................................ 5


Shortlisting Applicants ................................................................ 6


Selection Tools........................................................................... 6


Reference Checks ...................................................................... 6



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