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Human Resource Strategy of Walmart

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human resourse strategy of University of Salford Salford Business School

Course: MSC Management

Module title: Human Resource Management TITLE OF ASSIGNMENT: Human Resouce Strategy of Wal-Mart inc

Name: Agbasimelo E. Ifeanyi

Roll no: @00316215

Instructed by: Abdoulie SALLAH

Table of Contents

Table of Contents (This page) ------------------------------------------------------------------------2

1.0 Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------3

2.0 Wal-Mart Human resource strategy ------------------------------------------------------------------------4

2.1 Recruitment and selection ------------------------------------------------------------------------4

2.2 Training and development ------------------------------------------------------------------------6

2.3 Employee motivation and Reward / benefits ---------------------------------------------------------7

2.3.1 Financial benefits ------------------------------------------------------------------------8

2.3.2 Health and awareness benefits ------------------------------------------------------------------------8

2.4 Performance management --------------------------------------------------------------------------9

3.0 Challenges faced by the human resources -----------------------------------------------------------------9

4.0 Recommendations to overcome these challenges -----------------------------------------------------10

1.0 INTRODUCTION Human resource management according to Wilton (2011) in his book “an introduction to human...

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