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The human resource has immense potential. The role of economic development of any nation depends on the degree of effective mobilization of these resources. The economic planning envisaging material progress should count on the role of human labour for harnessing the physical resource of the economy .As human resources from the basis of very existence of life on the earth of late, the government of India has set up an Independent Ministry of HRD to carter to the all around development of human resource.
Labour, as a factor of production has certain characteristics that set it apart from others while land and capital has no mind of their own, labour dose have it. The physical presence of labour combines with his attitude carves out a special place for labour in the production process.
The attitude of labour toward the worker holds the key for his performance and unless a labour is enthusiastic , committed and devoted ,the fruit of his abilities innate acquired and developed can not be repeated. It can be said without any hesitation that all industrialist should realize that “one can buy a man’s time the physical presence at a particular place , even few muscular movements, but enthusiasm , initiatives, loyalty and devotion to duty can not be bought”. Labour marks a distinction from other factors of production on two counts.
a) Management, supervision, organization, co-ordination and such other functions owe their origin to labor.
b) Unlike capital, which is a depreciating assert, labour is doubtedly an appreciating assert, contributing more and more to productivity with the advancement in experience and expertise.
When labour occupies such as prominent place and has a pivotal to play, it is necessarily may be imminent to provide for its performance through creation proper industrial atmosphere. Thus the workers performance depends upon the…...