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Human Resources Application Paper

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Human Resource Systems Final Paper
Rodolfo A. Pinero
20 August 2013

Human Resource Management Application Paper
Reflecting upon my 33 years of military experience in the field of Naval Administration and Legal I have found a great similarity in the field of Human Resources and Management. This particular course in the Human Resource Systems has expanded my knowledge in understanding the different human resource tools that are available and similar to the ones used in the military. However, this course has explained the different methods that can be used to improve and understand the different tools available within the Human Resource field of expertise.
The first topic of interest during the course is the performance management system which has a variety of methods that can be used for the development of an effective appraisal system. Performance appraisals are a tool used by managers when making decisions about the distribution of pay increases, promotions and demotion of employees. This course discussed the different performance appraisal instruments and the importance of conducting training on the different methods of conducting the appraisal interviews. As a leader and manager in the military I was personally involved in conducting numerous appraisal interviews for all the employees that were under my direct supervision. The military system had a requirement for the rater to conduct a semi-annual interview in which the rater and employee met at the six month timeframe and then at the one year timeframe for the final appraisal. This particular system which is used by all military organizations seems to be to universal and doesn’t give the rater the opportunity to really appraise the individual employees effectively.
This course has expanded my knowledge in all areas of the performance management system. The real purpose of the performance...

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