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Human Resources Management Assignment

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PART 1: Worth 40% (each of the 5 areas is worth 8 marks) NAME: Jenna Gibb
RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION (need 6 valid issues)|· There is no recruitment process in place· An organizational chart does not exist· There are no job descriptions or job specifications· Nepotism in the company – a large amount of employees are related to each other· There is no HR planning happening in the company as the HR advisor is on maternity leave and is not expected back to work.· No applicant tracking system in place as only word of mouth is used to fill positions· There is a high turnover of drivers, and the company seems to have problems with recruiting and retaining drivers – possibly due to low wages and safety issues with the trucks· Packagers – 3 vacancies need to be filled – one of the first priorities for recruitment as many employees are working overtime and may suffer from burnout· Drivers – 3 vacancies need to be filled· General Manager vacancy needs to be filled· Office Manager vacancy needs to be filled – temporary Office Manager appointed does not want to stay in the role· Part-Time Bookkeeper vacancy needs to be filled· Some employees are starting to look for work at other companies|
COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS (need 6 valid issues)|· Annual increases are not being given to everyone – but only to those who ask for it· Compensation for packagers is below the going rate for non-unionized packagers in the area, and there is a lack of consistency among the current packagers· Compensation for drivers is below the going rate and there is a lack of consistency in wages· There is no support for referrals in the benefit package· Acting Warehouse Manager’s salary is too low - $10,000 less than the Warehouse Manager is being paid at one...

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