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Describe the internal and external factors to consider when planning the human resource requirements of an organisation.
Internal factors for consideration: A business has many factors to take into consideration when planning requirements of an organisation and many are factors rooted within the company. This means that they have to look at the profile of the organisation and get an understanding of the demographic, skill capacity and intentions of the workforce, whilst also getting to understand the intentions of the company and the direction of which they want to go.

Firstly as said it would be to look at the demographic of the company, and with this the company will look at the age scope of the workforce, gender, ethnicity and even disabilities. The latter of the two is mostly to make sure the company is within rules of legislation as there is certain requirements that a company has to meet. Age is monitored to try and adapt and change the profile of a company to keep up to date with current trends and needs, this is as if there is an ageing workforce they may firstly be out of date with current affairs but also the company would have to look at retirement and the long term. Therefore it would be of the best interest of a company to have a greater range of ages within the company as it combines experience with innovation, creativity and enthusiasm, but it also means that the company will not lose large sections of the workforce at a time and makes the long term running of the company sustainable and efficient.

A company will also look at its workforce as another internal factor to assess the current skill set of the people already employed and then determine the skill requirements the company needs to ensure that they do not have a bottle neck of skilled workers but have a even varied skill pool. It helps the HR determine which employees need training and...

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