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The leader that has a significant presence in my life is my father,He is the first person that I think of when the word leadership comes to mind. Leadership, to me, means much more now than just a word. I’ve learned that leadership is not only a word it’s a process. It’s the process which an individual influences others to achieve a common goal. This process develops over time and becomes stronger as it progresses. Also, leadership is all about new ways to push a group of people toward higher levels of accomplishments. Once those accomplishments are met then one should simply set higher goals and strive to achieve them.
Having said this, my father is a great example of a well rounded leader and his drive has inspired me tremendously. He is the owner and head boss of a sand blasting and paint company. He started this company by his self 30 years ago. It was a one man operation in the beginning and he was only making enough to provide our bare necessities. However, thanks to his leadership skills and ability to strive for more, he now has employed 5 others to join him. The company makes well over enough money to support all of our needs. The company’s success made it possible for 3 of his children to go to college and provides high paying jobs for his son and son-in-law. His ability to set high goals and actually achieve them over time says a lot about the type of leader he is. He never gives up. He also got two other people, his son and son-in-law, to follow him. They are now taking the company to greater success. What he accomplished with this business has inspired me. His leadership skills is what got his company to where it’s at today and it’s also what will carry his company from here on out.

Chapter 1 – The Nature and Importance of Leadership
My father suggest that leadership was very important to his company. He explains to me that he knows for...

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