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Human Resource Management Roles
Veneshia Hughey
May 24, 2013
Dr. Rose Fitchett

Human Resource Management Roles Human Resource Managers play a very vital role in any organization. Modern health care Human Resource departments must be much more than managers who advise on administrative matters such as employee benefits and wages("HR’s Changing Role In Healthcare", 2011). A properly trained and dependable workforce is essential to any successful health care system. This falls on the Human Resource Manager to get good people in the organization that can perform these tasks to the best of their abilities. Human Resource Managers are also responsible for making sure they keep dependable, ready-to-learn individuals on their team. They are in charge of the hiring/ firing process amongst a whole lot of other major responsibilities. This paper will discuss some of the other major responsibilities Human Resource Managers have as they help run our health care system.
The Human Resource Manager is responsible for helping the organization meet its business objectives and designing human resource programs. The human resource department has a big responsibility when it comes to human resource regulations and laws. It is very imperative that the manager be very educated and complies with the Human Resource law. Understanding these laws are important for three reasons, they include; for one, it helps you do the right thing, the second thing is that you realize the limitation of your organization’s human resource and legal departments, and it minimizes your organization’s potential liability (Lombardi & Schermerhorn, 2007). Human resource managers have to incorporate these legal laws when, hiring or firing someone, keeping records, writing and implementing HR policies, and when monitoring the organization’s human resource decisions (Lombardi & Schermerhorn,...

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