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Human Service Organization and Analysis

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National, State, and Local Human Service Organizational Structures and Processes Summary

National, State, and Local Human Service Organizational Structures and Processes Summary
Team A selected three organizations to analyze and understand their organizational structures and processes, and also to compare and contrast their similarities and differences. The organizations selected include the Red Cross, Arizona Child Protective Services, and Native Connections. Each organization will be examined for their organizational structure and whether the organization is governmental, private, for-profit, or nonprofit. The paper will analyze the departments, divisions, or specific areas of program delivery and how the organization builds community. How building community affects the value of the organization will also be discussed. The organizational culture will be examined and why the culture is important to the organization. The Blake and McCanse’s Leadership Grid and Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Model will be related to the each organization’s human relations model. A relevant strategic plan or organizational chart for each organization will be examined and a summary will be given of the differences between the national, state, and county or local human service organizations selected.
Organizational Structure Organizational structure defines how the organization is arranged and operates (Lewis, Packard, Lewis, 2007). The Red Cross is structured in a combination of centralized and decentralized forms. The Red Cross is a large, international organization with chapters around the world (“American Red Cross,” 2013). Accommodating chapters located in various parts of the world called for a decentralized structure to allow levels of local autonomy. The centralized format of the Red Cross is noted through its corporate structure and board of...

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