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Any issues or cautions that must be noted in Motivational Technique
Motivation interviewing. Terry – 862-230-2739 Bowens 85 Tremont ave friend of Esther 862-367-1434
Individual Hypothetical Working Agreement Paper | Resource: Ch. 7, Exercise 7.4: “Partializing” Choose one of the three scenarios: Freydia, Thomas or Rad Write a 1,400- to 2,450-word hypothetical working agreement/ treatment plan. Include the purpose and key elements of each part of the working agreement and discuss:  Statements of confidentiality and informed consent Goals Roles, expectations, and responsibilities of all parties Intervention methods used to attain goals Frequency, duration, length, and location of the meetings Means of evaluation or measuring progress toward goal attainment How the working agreement can be renegotiated Consequences of either party not upholding the agreement and how unforeseen complications will be handled Use 3-5 peer reviewed references to complete the paper. Additionally, you may use the following resources as references: Box 7.1 Sample Assessment Outline, Exercise 7.3 Prioritizing, and Exercise 7.5 Evaluation. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Headings will help organize all the information cleanly in your paper. |

Individual Journal Entries and Text Exercises | Complete the following exercises in the text, using your journal for all exercises: 7.3, 7.4, & 7.5. Continue to write a few sentences about your observations and reactions to readings, classes, and Learning Team Meetings. You may write more if you choose for your own use. Type all written material into your journal document for Week Three. Submit your journal entries for this week to your faculty member in the assignments tab. |…...