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Any issues or cautions that must be noted in Motivational Technique
Motivation interviewing. Terry – 862-230-2739 Bowens 85 Tremont ave friend of Esther 862-367-1434
Individual Hypothetical Working Agreement Paper | Resource: Ch. 7, Exercise 7.4: “Partializing” Choose one of the three scenarios: Freydia, Thomas or Rad Write a 1,400- to 2,450-word hypothetical working agreement/ treatment plan. Include the purpose and key elements of each part of the working agreement and discuss:  Statements of confidentiality and informed consent Goals Roles, expectations, and responsibilities of all parties Intervention methods used to attain goals Frequency, duration, length, and location of the meetings Means of evaluation or measuring progress toward goal attainment How the working agreement can be renegotiated Consequences of either party not upholding the agreement and how unforeseen complications will be handled Use 3-5 peer reviewed references to complete the paper. Additionally, you may use the following resources as references: Box 7.1 Sample Assessment Outline, Exercise 7.3 Prioritizing, and Exercise 7.5 Evaluation. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Headings will help organize all the information cleanly in your paper. |

Individual Journal Entries and Text Exercises | Complete the following exercises in the text, using your journal for all exercises: 7.3, 7.4, & 7.5. Continue to write a few sentences about your observations and reactions to readings, classes, and Learning Team Meetings. You may write more if you choose for your own use. Type all written material into your journal document for Week Three. Submit your journal entries for this week to your faculty member in the assignments tab.…...

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Human Service Worker

... to them or helping them for a motivation, the most recent thing your client needs is to be meaningful at constantly be told that what they did was not correct.   Literacy is an important key too, this does not for all time mean by the books moreover.   Some things need to be from our own experience too.   Listening skills are a key building block, because sometimes your customer might be talking in circles and you require to be able to read linking the lines.   To become a unbeaten mental health service worker, you need to have emotional development as well as experience. The known person as a human service worker is Johson in Houston,Texas. He is the epiphany of guardian angel sent from God. He has dedicated, and devoted his all life to helping recover the source of revenue of those who are in necessitate or unable to help themselves. Johson is well thought-out to be the advocate and a role model of the community. The characteristic that makes her an exemplary human service worker is his capability to go in front by example and encourage others through her trial and problems. He is defined kind-hearted, resourceful, educated, knowledgably, enthusiastic, nonjudgmental, an excellent public speaker, a good listener and also a natural born leader. Over the last 10 years Johnson has unpaid helper at homeless shelters, half way houses, American Red Cross and contributed funds on the way to the overall upgrading of individual’s lives. Since turning his life over to God......

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... of the human population and their lives ,best said in Chapter1 human services in the united states today “One of the frustrating features of the large bureaucracy is the difficulty a worker may experience in feeling that he or she makes a difference. Each person may feel like a small cog in a big machine. Despite the shortcomings of these kinds of organizations, they have adapted and survived. No one has developed a more efficient means of providing services on a large scale”.(ch1, pg. 14). References U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics | Office of Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections, PSB Suite 2135, 2 Massachusetts Avenue, NE Washington, DC 20212-0001 Publish Date: Thursday, March 29, 2012 Chapter1 human services in the united states today: by William R. Burger - Kingsborough Community College of the City University of New York, 384 Pages © 2011 Published by Human Services in Contemporary America - © Cengage Learning...

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...Accrual Accounting Methods HSM 260 Due: May 2, 2013 Instructor: Regina Campbell Human Health Services organizations apply for grants in order to subsidies their program financial needs. Some apply for private funding as well, but in order for the organization to make sure that they are not paying double invoices and the money is used for its intended program, they have accountants that use the universal accounting method called the Accrual Accounting Method. Accountants have been using this method for organizations as well as business entities. Service provided and or goods delivered to the organization for which a bill has not been submitted, the organization would and completed by the contractor. Sometimes the bill are not generated at that particular time and the organization want to match the billing statement to the account in the revenue on the financial statement in order to make sure that it coincides with each other. This is a way for the organization also not to pay an invoice more than once. If the organization make payment at the time of service and receive a bill a month after, the organization would pay that bill believing that it was not paid. By using the accrual accounting method, this mistake would not happen. The accrual accounting method is also a form of organizations using products for credit or receiving service for credit. Although the item is not paid for at the time of service, the organization is anticipating that in the...

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...Latoya Howard Volunteers of America 7-19-2013 Instructor Harrell Saint Leo University Volunteers of America was founded on March 8, 1896 by the social reformers Ballington Booth and his wife and Maud Booth in Cooper Union's Great Hall. The Booths first moved to New York in the 1890s to command of The Salvation Army forces in the United States. The couple was successful in bolstering the image of The Salvation Army in America and in growing the movement’s social work mission. After disagreements with other Salvation Army leaders, the Booths left the organization and established God’s American Volunteers, which was changed to Volunteers of America. In the early 1900s, the Volunteers moved into the districts in New York City to care for people in poverty. They organized day nurseries and summer camps, provided housing for single men and women, and established the nation’s halfway houses for released prisoners. Volunteers of America mobilized to assist the millions of people who were unemployed, hungry and homeless. Volunteers of America was well known for its thrift stores and annual fundraising . In an effort to modernize its programs, the organization began to focus its work in the area of housing for the poor following the establishment of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. This organization emerged as a major provider of professional long-term nursing care. Volunteers of America not only offers home health care and......

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...Statement of opportunity The statement of opportunity is a statement showing how your organization can turn the problem (a weaker economy and people losing their jobs) into an opportunity. Your organization provides training to these people so they are marketable for higher paying positions. Human services can help with providing education in a wide variety along with helping in interventions. Caseworkers provide services to individual clients and possibly groups with various needs. I believe that the main goal would be to teach people who have drop out of school how to regain their independence and become a productive person within their communities once again. Human services can help with providing social skills and education, conduct relief programs with certain agencies and facilities. The Salvation Army is one of the agencies that focus on providing job skills to high school dropouts. This is a good way of getting some job skills and training with out the skills dropouts suffer from reduced earnings and lost of many opportunities in the work field. Impact Of Organizational Structure The impact of organizational structure discusses how the challenge affects the structure of the organization and the importance of turning the challenge into an opportunity. One way to approach this is noting that a market with trained professionals may bring business back to the area. The organization will need the staff available to train the...

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...Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Project Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Project Steven Comer Documentation in Human Services Professor Lisa Futtner April 29, 2011 Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Project Background Final agency is a nonprofit organization in the city of Saratoga that provides shelter and rehabilitative services to enable homeless persons to find permanent housing. The stakeholders are employees, clients, visitors, investors, the board of directors and the community. The agency has all their records stored in paper format or on old computers. Statement of Need · Final agency needs an electronic records system that will be used to enter physicians’ orders, document patient care, assessing client need to allow various health care providers to communicate, to support reimbursement, referral network drug and alcohol counseling, mental health counseling, and employment counseling. It should demonstrate the current client situation, client history · Plan of action for service decisions and actions, including the purpose, goals, plans, outcome and process of services. Objectives Install system that provides and supports the following: Electronic client registration, physician order entry, health care provider documentation and procedure results, medication management, and billing and finance information. Mission and Goals of Project An Electronic Medical Records (EMR) application can provide a graphical user...

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...Management of Human Services Programs University of Phoenix This paper is in reference to case study 10. This paper will develop one process evaluation measure and one outcome evaluation measure to display the Greenby Community Mental Health Center’s effectiveness and efficiency. This paper will also discuss the scope and purpose of the process evaluation measure and outcome evaluation measure and how they influence the design. The Greenby Community Mental Health Center process evaluation measure suggests the consultation and education department needs to implement the address of the real questionable issue within the organization, and to evaluate the programs being offered through the organization. The questionable issue at the center involves the discontinuance of the consultation and education departments.   We understand the organization is facing an issue in regard to required service programs. We also understand the community mental health center has suggested as long as there is a director available the proposed suggestion will work, but doing so will take away workshops that have been instrumental to the program consumers. The implemented design includes dedicating a percentage of each professionals work towards Consultation and Education (Lewis, p. 242). A process evaluation is aimed at enhancing a current program by means of a formative analysis. It can be done anytime to describe and study the conceptualization, planning and implementation of a...

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Human Service

...Hope Cruz Family Law Hello all, Family Law is where divorces are filed, child support accounts are created, and we also have adoption and visitation supervision here. There is a legal department for enforcement; we have probation for those who refuse to comply with the court orders regarding child support. We work hard to collect and enforce child support for all the children in Tarrant County, we are not limited to just this county, and if the case is full service we can go around the world collecting the support. A divorce filed in the state of Texas is eligible for the full service case; this is an account that works for you in the event that the non-custodial parent stops paying his/her obligation. A team of case workers work on collecting by intercepting unemployment, they put liens on homes/banks, and federal offsets. If the case worker does not succeed the case then goes to legal. The legal team work harder to find the missing obligor, if case goes to court, the non-custodial parent has to face a judge again, and the child support obligation may go up. The family court service gets involved when the mother/father of the court order need to make changes with custody, a social service study is done by a qualified case worker, the cost is $500 from each party, and the travel fees are very expensive for those who live out of the state of Texas. Family court handles the supervised visitation and adoption for the County of Tarrant. Probation is where the...

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...What is Social Accountability (SAc)? |   | Accountability in common parlance means “answerability”. It is about holding people to account for their impacts on the lives of people and the environment. It involves the rights of those impacted and the obligations of those with power. Thus, accountability can be defined as the obligation of power- holders to account for or take responsibility of their actions.Thus, Social Accountability can be defined as ‘the duty to provide an account or reckoning of those actions for which one is held responsible. Thus, accountability involves two responsibilities or duties: the responsibility to undertake certain actions (or forbear from taking action) and the responsibility to provide an account of those actions’ (Rob Gray, 1996, Accounting & Accountability).  | Social Accountability of NGOs |   | The priviledge of being an NGO comes with the onus of benevolent and public purpose activities. An NGO comes into existence only with the pre condition of working for charitable purposes involving public benefit without having any profit motive. There is a big difference between the social responsibilities of an NGO and a profit making corporate. A profit making commercial organization may opt for various activities, which enhances its social accountability as well as credibility. An NGO on the other hand has to work for public purposes in order to retain its legal and ethical entity.As organizations interact with a number of other...

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...Human Services Profession Susan Breedlove, Bambi Shelnutt, Tosha Hawes, Frances Macmillan BSHS/305 July 27, 2015 Ellen Biros Human Services Profession Someone who works in human services works with children and families, caseworkers at DCS, licensed social workers, and residential directors at social service agencies, human service technicians or assistants. They will also work with professional like Psychologist and counselors. Where a social worker offers financial, personal, mental health and physical assistance to disadvantaged and disabled individuals to help them get back on their feet. (PSG, 2015) They both play vital roles in the social services field helping people regain control over issues they may be having. You will need to earn a Master of Social Work degree to practice in the field of social work. The human services field does not require a master's degree although an associate degree often qualifies you to work as a human services professional. (OBE, 2015) There are many reasons why someone would choose a career in this field like experiences and the need to help others. When one is motivated to help others because they have lived in those same setting, this then becomes another good reason to choose to work for the human services agency. Someone that has experience domestic violence may consider becoming a Domestic violence crisis worker because they understand how hard it is to talk to someone and can make that person feel more at ease and...

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...The three human service delivery models are the public health service model, the human service model, and the medical model. The public health model combines aspects of the human service model along with the medical model when provisioning services to clients. Medical providers (including dentists, medical doctors, nurses, etc., including mental health care providers as well) administer health care combined with social services to patients [clients]. Their patients are the elderly, low income, disabled and participants of the public health care system. Doctors and other health care providers in the public health care system realize the need for low cost or free medical services for the disadvantaged. They provide preventative medical services to their patients in an effort to educate, conduct research, and improve the lives of those in need. According to our text the human services model deals with how the client/consumer/participant relates to situations that occur in the consumer's life. Whether those situations are conflicts arising from unexpected events, issues resulting from medical or mental health illnesses, the inability to provide for their basic needs, or any situation that cause stress or adversely effects the client's behavior. The focus of the human services model is to address these issues and find a solution for them through programs or services a human service organization may offer to the client. In the service delivery model the expected outcomes are to...

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Human Service

...Human Services in Action Unit 9 Assignment: Video Option Professor Dr. Bradley Jearldwan Williams HN115-01 February 10, 2015   1. Describe Jim’s self-concept Jim’s self-concept is that he is just an average student in college and that he was not naturally smart like his Dad. Jim also felt that no matter how hard he studies he will never be that A student like his parents want. 2. Explain, using examples from the video and course concepts, how Jim’s self-concept impacted his interaction with his father. Was it positive or negative? Jim believes that Substance abuse is the use drugs which can be for recreational use or it can be an addiction. The substance abuse can be with alcohol, prescription drugs or it can be with illegal drugs. Many people use substance abuse for relief of stress, pain, depression and anxiety. A social worker can be very beneficial option for a person with a substance abuse problem because they have many resources. The social worker assigned to the case gets counseling/therapy for the abuser and family members. A treatment plan is made which usually involves a drug rehabilitation program and 24-hour crisis intervention. The social worker also provides transportation and referrals for assisted living housing. The goal of the social worker is to get the patient a fully functional citizen without the use of drugs. Reasons for child and families needing a social worker are needing a stable home environment, financial support, child...

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...Human Service Needs Assessment Cicero Goddard BSHS/355 May 9, 2016 Pamela Harris Human Service Needs Assessment For this work, we will take a look at children in need. Of all the groups that are in need of Human Services, we are partial to the children. The children play such a dynamic part in our society. It is the children who will be the politicians, teachers, taxpayers and parents on tomorrow. We must ensure that they live in safe homes and have their needs met. We must teach them new skills, how to care for themselves, and how to conquer the setbacks that are sure to come. We have to provide them with emotional support and nurture them towards their goals and dreams. When a child is in trouble, he/she is facing many different problems at the same time. Conditions and Problems Facing this Group “Children in need, “are a high-risk group for developing all sorts of physical and emotional problems.” (Burger, 2011) They do not have the skills to deal with the negative effects of neglect and abuse. The extreme cases are in danger of contracting psychosis or even Retardation. Some of the signs of problems include late bed wetting and extreme shyness. Many of them live in homes where there is no male role model. Single parent homes tend to be less financially stable and the Mothers, while having to work a full-time job, also have the responsibility of rearing the children. These children in need commit suicide, crime, and violence, abuse drugs and suffer mental...

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...Common human service strategies: Human service providers learn many strategies in their field of work. The following are some examples: 1. evaluating a person with a through psychological assessment 2. determining the nature and level of intervention needed 3. meeting the needs of patient and family members 4. evaluating the patient and considering age appropriate placement into a facility. 5. determining whether the person is beyond spouses caregiving ability. 6. Determining whether further care will be required after patient progresses Footnotes: Human services intervention strategies are many. Even after a patient has progressed, the services go further to ensure that patients can continue to get better even after they have been released to return to their home or placed in a residential facility. (picture by Other Human Service strategies include the following: 1. Placing a patient in residential facility 2. Contracting a home-health care provider or agency 3. Utilizing a day respite center depending on illness 4. Assisting the patient and family for government assistance such as Medicare 5. if there are mental health issues an intervention for medication might be in order Footnotes: These are only a few of the strategies used by human service workers. Depending on the patient and the level of care needed, the human service worker will determine what route to take for the best care of the patient to...

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...Building an Ethical Organization Part 1 Ethical Issues in Human Services Organization Today, there are many who suffer from domestic violence, sexual assault those results in child abuse. This is an issue not widely discussed therefore there must be advocate for those who survive the abuse. According to The National Domestic Violence Hotline, “Each year approximately 207,754 sexual assaults occur in the United States.” That astounding number says a lot; there must be a voice for those suffering abuse so that the cycle of abuse ends. There must be resources available that provide education, prevention, programs, and shelter for those within the community in need. As the director of the non-profit organization, Peace at Last Foundation, the first task is to prepare a mission statement and value statement explaining how the organization will practice ethics to be successful while delivering services to the community. Peace at Last Foundation will provide quality care with compassion and respect to all clients seeking services. Peace at Last Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides counseling, programs, education, shelter and prevention to those that suffer from domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. The organization is based on the community in need and provides services regardless of age, sex, gender or severity of violence. The prevention strategy is how the organization will be effective on each individual. Victims of sexual assault are more...

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