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In this session of class we went discuss abortions and ways to get pregnant. I was feeling really uncomfortable at first since it is essential a social taboo to even speak about abortion especially since I grew up in a christian household. I was taught and still believe in not getting an abortion. Once I saw the facts and was a clinical abortion was changed how I looked at. For example, I had this assumation that the egg had developed to the point where we can distinguish them with other human but once I saw a picture of what a normal looked like. I was completely baffled when I saw it was less than the size of a dime. Another point that really stood out to me is the fact the federal act can only stop federal and state abortion clinic which only prevents safe abortions. With this in mind I changed my views to more of a pro choice for those This helped a lot since the only information I generally obtained about abortion are from the radicals who show up on campus from time to time with the graphic images of abortion.
Further on in the class we begin talking about artificial insemination. This was an interesting topic to me since I been explained the full procedure or operations such as in vitro infertilization it was interesting to see the possibilities that couple who suffer from infertility.Also the other potions that people have who want a baby can have such as a suggate mother and adoption. I was familiar with adoption and everything we talk about in class was essential review of what I knew. However, the suggate mothers has fascinated me and seeing how it helps families have the opportunity to have kids. With the suggate mother they had less chance of any birth related complications. However, the class opened my eyes to a huge problem in India where exploit the poor. At first, I was interested with the big business of suggate mothers in India and how they export the babies to other. This was very excited seeing how a noble cause becoming so successful.
However, this business had a dark secret where they take homeless women and offer them the minimal condition to keep both them and the baby healthy. But the women are suffering everyday from the business it was heartbreaking to see so many women being abused and forced to put the consumers babies before their own baby’s life.

In this week we have a second presentation from PFLAG about transexuals and the misunderstanding that follows them. We were greeted by two speaker one of which was man and a transgender women. This was a much needed lesson for me since I had no idea how to react when I saw her. To be totally honest I was uncomfortable mostly because I no idea how to react but as the presentation went on I began to feel more comfortable. Weirdly enough once she said that she studied aerospace engineer I have found a huge amount of respect and was interested with her novel about the fastest drone and science behind it. This is was one of the most interesting part of the lecture for me since I’m really into the science behind technology. The challenges and stories that they told us really opened my eyes giving me a huge respect to the transgender community.
The story were a doctor attacked her from being a transgender was devastating to hear especially since it caused her to walk with a cane for the rest of her life. Even though it was really upsetting to hear I’m glad to hear that she was able to continuously overcome this challenges with a positive outlook.
From the laws made in certain states that try to prevent transgenders from using the bathroom for their certain sex and wanted them to use bathroom which would be for their assigned sex. One of the laws that I really thought that really stupid and has slightly upset about was the law where people have to go to the bathroom based on the chromosomes assigned at birth. I was really happy to hear about the wonderful relationship they got with a person who understands her problem and chooses to be with each other. The family photos passed around the class really ingrained in my head how little different there is between transgenders and everyone else. The other speaker made a huge impression on me too with his story. Even though his background is very traditional and hasn’t had any close friends or families who are homosexual, transgender, or gender fluid he made a very powerful rhetoric question “ If a straight white christian male is accepting of PFLAG then what’s the excuse?” This destroyed any reason for anyone to

discriminate any a groups of people if one is willing to put his all into making sure this everyone can live a fair life was motivating. For the three weeks we have presentations where when over some of the topics I was really interested such as the porn industry, gender fluidity, dating apps, and many more topics. This is was awesome to witness since so many of the groups were creative about their topics that I learned more about our culture and the culture around the world.
Since we were given the freedom to explore a topic of choice we decide to make our presentation on porn and masturbation. We choose these topics because it offered a good balance between humor and seriousness. We met up to discuss what we were going to do for the our presentation we were stuck since we didn’t know how to fill the time for the presentation. Once we decide how we were going to split up the work among each other, it came very natural to all of us and we came up with so many great ideas. I really enjoyed working as a team for his presentation especially all of the people in the groups.
Even though it was a little awkward at first since none of us knew each other, by the end of our first meeting it was obvious that we were going to be a good team. I believe that our team work showed well in our presentation from just the sketches alone. But the analyze and facts we gave after each of the sketches worked well.
With some of the other presentation in mind I was impressed by the group presentation about sex in different cultures. It was enlightening to see other cultures and how they express their sexuality and what each culture’s definition of beauty is. From the stretching of necks to emphasize youth to placing a large lip ring symbolize sexual maturity. It was a little hard to watch at times but I found myself fascinated and wanting to learn more about the differences and similarities that other cultures have with our own.
Another presentation that stood out to me was the gender fluidity group since they began explained the definition of gender fluidity where people some days feel like they are guys, girls, neither, or both. I almost this was made up since I have never hear of anyone

claiming to have gender fluidity; however, their presentation was very informative from the video of ruby rose going from transition her expression from female to male. They show a clear image of genderfluid which taught me more about how people express themselves. In this week lesson we learned possible the most important lesson of the class:
STIs. I have no idea how many different STIs and how easy they spread. It was extremely discomforting seeing that there was no test for guys for HPV since I could be a carrier of the virus and could inadvertently spread it. But learning about how Gardasil can prevent the certain spread of type of HPV and the fact that it’s free in the Student Health Service building with the exception for people over 25 years old or older. I felt sorry for those who didn’t qualify in our class, I was still really overjoy to know the resources I have available. However, the fact that most STIs don’t show any symptoms worried me immensely since it’s very likely that I have herpes from an early age from potential relatives kissing me when I was an infant. The high percentage of chlamydia among college students really scares me especially since most people who have it don’t show any symptom or even know that they have it. Even though a good amount of them don’t causes significant harm to the people, it still is very discomforting potentially being a carrier. The fact that generally most if not all the people I have sex with will an STI made me learn more cautious.
However, with the knowledge of free STD and STI testing at the Student Health
Services office, I was giving an even greater sense of relief. Besides making me extremely cautious about sex the lecture was very informative such as the HIV and AIDS section. Learning the process of how HIV turns in AIDS was treated as an essential review since I had forgot how the process worked. Originally, I believed that HIV and
AIDS could be spread only through blood, vaginal fluid, and semen I was really surprised to see that breast milk could also spread this diseases. Another little thing about the

lecture that was especially interesting to me was learning that if you have HIV or AIDS you are legally obligated to tell your partner. The thing that also weirded me out is that your partner doesn’t have to tell you if they have any other STI. With these in mind, I’ve learned to become more cautious about who I hooked up with. Knowing all of these resource and the statistics from the lecture made me worried about having sex but with all the resources available I feel prepared to prevent situations like this happening in the first place.

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