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Human Spirituality

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Zac Bellinger
Human Spirituality
Professor Jan P. Hatcher
What is Human Spirituality? People from all over the world take a moment each and every day to reflect upon their certain religion. These practices can consist of going to church, watching television, or simply saying a quick prayer just before the person goes to bed. Human Spirituality inspires people’s everyday day life.
There are about 20 major religions studied in today’s society. Human Spirituality is known as the inner path that allows a person to discover his or her well being. Spiritual practices can be done through prayer, meditation, and contemplation. Believing in a specific religion allows one to devote themselves to that specific religion. All of their faith and dedication turns to that special god or leader. In times of dire need, humans can turn to their faith to help them overcome certain hardships in their lives. As a believer in Catholicism, I myself, always turn to God in situations in which I feel as If I may have a chance of failing in. Before a big game, I will kneel down in the corner of the locker room and ask our lord to be there with me throughout the game. There’s nothing better than having someone to turn to for help or guidance, at any hour of the day. Human Spirituality has been known to cleanse the soul of stressors and nerves.
Human Spirituality is not a necessity in today’s world. People can choose to either partake or not partake in a certain religion practice. Human Spirituality allows people to express their feelings and gives a specific guideline for people on what the correct way to live is. For those who do not practice a religion, they are at a disadvantage. They do not have something to turn to in times of need like the ones who believe do. Faith can be turned to at any point in the day. Just saying a little prayer relieves the stress off of…...

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