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Human Trafficing

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Human Trafficking
Clinical Issues of Human Trafficking When it comes to human trafficking and clinical issues there are many victims that often give the wrong impression when it comes to their personal rights and become even more worried of law enforcement (Pathy Salett, LICSW, 2010). Social workers serve as crucial means in providing access or services in the social and health care solutions for trafficking victims. Trying to add up to a decision if individuals are victims to human trafficking may become tremendously hard (Pathy Salett, LICSW, 2010). When asking certain questions to a possible victim of human trafficking human service workers should be careful when asking specific questions. The injured person or trafficking survivor naturally experiences psychological trauma that can trouble a person’s physical and mental capability to respond to trauma and threat (Identifying Victims, para. 2). Here is a list of Health characteristics of a trafficked person according to Academy for Educational Development (2006).
• Bruising, broken bones, or other signs of untreated medical issues
• . undernourishment thirst, or poor personal hygiene
• Signs of rape or sexual abuse.
• Sexually transmitted diseases
• serious illnesses that can include diabetes, cancer, or heart disease
• Post-traumatic stress or psychological disorders” (Profile of a Trafficked Person, para. 2) The victims’ needed survival reactions of “fight or flight response” make recognition of a person’s needs difficult for human resources (Pathy Salett, LICSW, 2010). According to Pathy Salett, LICSW, (2010), “After recognizing a trafficking victim, social workers need to make suitable recommendations to social service provisions and support groups specializing in supporting trafficking survivors” (Identifying Victims, para. 3).


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