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Primary: Competitive (9 o'clock position)
Backup: Oppositional (7 o'clock position)
By examining the circumplex, decide which styles are working for you (your strengths), and which styles might be working against you (styles that may be reducing your effectiveness). This version of the circumplex has gold colored slices for the two (or more) constructive styles with the least extension and the two (or more) defensive styles with the most extension.
The PASSIVE/DEFENSIVE Styles (3, 4, 5, and 6 o'clock positions) represent self-protecting thinking and behavior that promote the fulfillment of security needs through interaction with people.
The AGGRESSIVE/DEFENSIVE Styles (7, 8, 9, and 10 o'clock positions) describe self-promoting thinking and behavior used to maintain status/position and fulfill security needs through task-related activities.
Result in me being a Theory X- Task centered person and lower order needs

Position Style Range
1 Humanistic-Encouraging Low
2 Affiliative Medium
3 Approval Medium
4 Conventional High
5 Dependent Medium
6 Avoidance High
7 Oppositional High
8 Power High
9 Competitive High
10 Perfectionistic Medium
11 Achievement Medium
12 Self-Actualizing Medium

Humanistic-Encouraging Scores in the Low Range
You could be placing unnecessary limits on your relationships. Because your approach to people tends to be somewhat detached, you may have difficulty encouraging others. You are frequently uncomfortable relating to people, and often choose to work alone. Your tendency to become preoccupied with your own problems can make it hard for you to demonstrate concern for others' needs.
Affiliative Scores in the Medium Range
Look at your score carefully to determine its closeness to the High or Low range. If you scored closer to the High range,you are basically a friendly person who enjoys people. You are able to establish warm,...

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