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Humanitarian Aid Haiti

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Risk analysis

1 Intro

The world community reacted promptly after the unprecedented disaster in Haiti and thanks to the intentions of many donors or agencies a big amount of money was initially pledged and disbursed. The $5.5 bn that was pledged for the first two years following the earthquake and the additional $9.9 bn which likely to be pledged over the next decade, gained the impression that the country would be rebuilt efficiently. Nevertheless, the progress that has been noticed up to the present has not fulfilled the expectations neither the donors nor the Haitian government and their citizens (Benoit 2012).

Even if there is a strategic planning process which is being implemented sufficiently, the Government of Haiti and the agencies who act on place will face some risks. The potential sources of risks that likely to be faced are financial, political, operational - environmental, social. The following table represents thoroughly the potential risk sources, the impact that these will have if occur as well as other details like the likelihood of an event to occur.

For instance, the disappointment of donors might lead to a reduction of the amounts that they have committed to fund. Actions like this would be extremely unfavourable for the country due to their impact to the entire strategy plan. Moreover, it is obvious that Haiti, geographically, is placed in a sensitive area. In August 2008 the country was struck by destructive hurricanes and none can predict if these natural disasters happen again. Therefore, the implementation of projects which target to the protection of vulnerable areas is vital and any delays would be high risk.

2 Risk Assessment

|Risks |Potential Impact |Risk Mitigation Measure |Likelihood |Impact |Risk Rating...

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