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I will use the following strategies to apply creativity to the problems and issues regarding the proposed pension cut in the state of California. One strategy is to look at other alternatives to the proposed cut. There is always an alternative to a thought. Suggestions of charging oil companies for drilling on public land and waiting to build a new baseball stadium have been shot down so far, but with persistence and creative thought something else can be worked out. I must stay objective and obtain information from knowledgeable sources. I must also conduct my own research in order to find new information that has been overlooked. There needs to be other alternatives to cutting the retirement packages that police officers and all other civil service workers have worked so hard for to have. I also need to think of possible solutions to the pension cut. Perhaps taking a percentage out of a different fund, the problem is deciding which funds could handle a cut.

One strategy that I can use to promote curiosity while addressing the topic of the retirement benefit cuts are imagination. People do not always think creatively and by sparking imagination in them, new thoughts will begin. Once the thought process is kicked in then new ideas can be formed. Another strategy is to ask a lot of questions. Asking questions enables new ideas to be formed and new thoughts to come about. Looking beyond the obvious answers gives opportunity to come up with new decisions. Curiosity about subjects can peak when you gain someone’s interest. I would not look to the so called experts on the situation, but would rather seek the knowledge and opinions of those that are going to be affected by the pension cuts. Also, asking students that are in high school and colleges what they think and would suggest. Ultimately, the decision to do pension cuts will affect them as they get older....

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