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Humanities Unit 7 Project

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Unit 7 Revolution Era Project
I chose to send Bob Marley back to the Revolutionary Era. He was an inspirational Jamaican musician. He advocated for social change. ("Bob Marley Official Site — Life & Legacy — History," n.d.) He never received a Grammy, even though he should have, but in 2001 he was acknowledged with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. He was still a ten when he returned to Trench Town in Jamaica where his musical talent was nurtured. He made his way to the States in 1966. ("Bob Marley Official Site — Life & Legacy — History," n.d.) Bob Marley was a sort of revolutionist in the fact that his music was mostly about stopping racism and colonialism. In his song “One Drop” he say “fighting against ism and scism”. ("Bob Marley Official Site — Life & Legacy — History," n.d.) A monument in Siberia has an inscription that reads “Bob Marley Fighter For Freedom Armed With A Guitar”. ("Bob Marley Official Site — Life & Legacy — History," n.d.) He promoted peace and tolerance. He also believed in smoking marijuana and the good health benefits of it but that is for another time.
Part II
It is hard to say which role that Bob Marley should play as I see him as a leader, rebel, supporter, and artist. I do believe that I will put him as a rebel and artist. I think that suits Bob Marley best. The first event that Bob Marley will visit is the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The signing of the Declaration of Independence happened on July 4th, 1776. (Sayre, 2013, p. 378) Let’s put Bob Marley right there with everyone signing the Declaration of Independence. His signature is required, also. Let’s step back a minute and take a look at how the Declaration of Independence came about. Thomas Jefferson read some of John Locke’s work. In this work it is said that “humans are by nature free, equal, and independent”. It also states “no man has a natural

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