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Mankind has always had a fascination with religion and the heavens. From the earliest Humanoid people to present day humans, they all worshiped a god. There is evidence as early as 100,000 B.C.E; people had some sort of religion. Some historians have suggested that those early humans worshipped the skulls of cave bears, which they regarded as rivals for the spaces in which they lived. By 50,000 B.C.E, Neanderthal people buried their dead with ceremony and care, behavior suggesting a belief in the hereafter. Such conjecture has no proof, but the evidence suggests that religion emerged among the earliest examples of human capacity to think in the abstract.
Ancient Sumerians believed that religion and government shared a close relationship. Religion permeated the social, political, and economic, as well as the spiritual and ethical of society. By 2250 B.C.E, Sumerians had a long list of gods they worshipped. Temples were erected throughout Sumer for the sacrifices thought necessary to ensure good harvest. Sumerian religion had important political ramifications as well. It ascribed ownership of all lands to the gods. The king was a king-priest, responsible to the gods alone. Below him, an elaborate class of priests enjoyed worldly power, privilege, and comfort, and to this class fell the responsibility for education and the writing of texts. It is writings that undoubtedly represent the Sumerians’ greatest contribution to the advancement of general civilization.
Another example of how religion in ancient times related to government is how the Egyptian civilization identified the king with a god. The pharaoh was said to be the earthly manifestation of the god Horus, deity of the sky. Egyptian religion comprised a complex combination of local and national gods, and in a cumulative process added new beliefs and gods over thousands of years of Egyptian history.…...

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