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Humans and Technology

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Humans and Technology | Com220 week 7 Rough Draft of Research Paper | Kelli McArthur |

Is technology crippling or critiquing us as humans? Every day we all use some type of technology for our daily activities and to communicate to others. Have you ever thought what will we do if we had no technology to use anymore? Does the human brain depend on technology to think for the human brain? How will the human brain and technology advance? Although technology is used on a daily basis we can still advance our brains just as technology advances. Human should use technology to strengthen their minds and bodies to advance in life, instead of using technology as a replacement. How has technology advanced the human brain? Devices that humans use on a daily basis that causes the human brain to advance such as cellular phones, lap tops, computer systems and digital software. Cellular phones used for everyday use for communication and social activities with our family, friends and co-workers. We purchase cellular phones to communicate with others, but find ourselves using all of the applications that the cellular phones provides us to use in other areas. The cellular phones applications allow us to navigate through different network media such as Face-book, Twitter, and other media services online. Other computer systems such as lop tops, tablets and home computers are connected to our cellular phones through varies applications so that we will be able to access the applications anywhere and anytime of the day. What reactions of the human brain caused by technology that makes the brain depend on technology to function? According to Christine Evans-Pughe, “As the relationship between humans and machines moves ever closer, technology is beginning to have far-reaching effects on the chemistry of the brain.” Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) is now a serious mental health...

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