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Humans Share 99% of Their Dna with Apes

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Primatology is the study of primates which enables modern day humans to study and understand different primates and their adaption behaviourally and anatomically to the environment (Ember et al. 2011:86). Primatology also allows modern humans to study the behavioural and anatomical features that are distinctly human (Haviland et al. 2012:53). Homo sapiens share more than 98% of their DNA with chimpanzees and slightly less with great apes, although there is such a huge DNA shared we are not the same but there are similarities between the two. The following essay is aimed at discussing the similarities, differences and behavioural differences that are present between Homo sapiens and the present day primates.
Primates are very diverse group of animals and possess features which are common within the group (Haviland et al. 2012:53). One of the common characteristics among all primates is the ability to grasp objects due to their opposable thumbs that modern primates have developed in the past year which allows more precise and powerful grip (Ember et al. 2011:88-89). Primates have well developed vision because a large portion of their brains is devoted to vision than smell, which allows than to see things better than humans and all primates give birth to live and developed young which in turn have a longer dependency period on their parents in comparison to other animals (Ember et al. 2011:89). Life expectancy of primates is very high and primates have larger brains compared to their body’s reason being their survival is dependent on their learning and the more time taken by a young primate to develop the higher its life expectancy (Ember et al. 2011:89).After birth young primates depend on their mother’s milk from their mammary glands for survival (Ember et al. 2011:89).
Male primates have dangling penises which are not attached to the abdomen by skin like human…...

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