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Humans and Beauty

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As discussed in the attached documents, there are several advantages as to why a person would want to be beautiful. The main reason is because humans value beauty. Humans value beauty based on some key factors that beauty brings to the beholder. One factor is easy mating. It is easier to find a mate (something that we are hardwired to do) if one is beautiful. But why is this? This is because subconsciously beauty shows to the outside world that the person healthy. As discussed in an article, “Although the link between facial symmetry and real health is weak, there is some evidence that individuals with more distinct facial features, considered less attractive, are more susceptible to disease, parasites, and other illnesses” (Business Insider, #2). This means that from a mating perspective, that they will be promised a higher chance of having healthy off spring. Being beautiful does have its ways with work and politics as well. Business Insider also stated that beautiful people are known to be more intelligent, persuasive, and are perceived as more trust worthy. When choosing a mate, this can be an important thing to keep in mind. If you are perceived as more trust worthy, then you already have an advantage in the relationship world. If you are perceived as having a higher status in society, then you and your kids will share that status with your mate. It’s no wonder that humans have found a special value in beauty. It comes with so many advantages, who wouldn’t want to be beautiful and share those...

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