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Part One
Introduction and
Background of Human
1. Human Resource Management: A Strategic Function
2. Equal Employment Opportunity: The Legal Environment
3. Implementing Equal Employment Opportunity

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4. Job Analysis and Job Design

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Chapter One
Human Resource
A Strategic Function
Chapter Learning Objectives
After studying this chapter, you should be able to:

5. Identify several challenges today’s human resource managers currently face.

1. Define human resource management.

6. Outline several potential challenges and contributions that an increasingly diverse workforce presents.

2. Describe the functions of human resource management.

7. Discuss the role of human resource managers in the future.

3. Summarize the types of assistance the human resource department provides.

8. Explain how human resource managers can affect organizational performance.

4. Explain the desired relationship between human resource managers and operating managers.

9. Summarize several guidelines to follow when communicating human resource programs. Chapter Outline

Communicating Human Resource Programs
Guidelines for Communicating Human
Resource Programs

Human Resource Functions
Who Performs the Human Resource
The Human Resource Department
Challenges for Today’s Human Resource
Diversity in the Workforce
Regulatory Changes
Structural Changes to Organizations
Technological and Managerial Changes within Organizations
Human Resource Management in the Future
Organizational Performance and the
Human Resource Manager
Metrics and the HR Scorecard

Summary of Learning Objectives
Key Terms

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