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Hunger in America

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Hunger in America
Why are so many people starving?

Why are so many Americans starving?
Children Starving on Side of Road 1
Every day people throw perfectly good food away without a second thought. Many people do not realize that many Americans spend most of their days starving or without food. In 2012, 49 million people did not have enough food in their homes; 15.9 million of them were children (“Hunger”). Hunger is not just in the third world countries, it is also here in America and people need to realize this.
Can we end hunger in America?
Where is there the most hunger?
Mississippi 20.9%
Arkansas 19.7%
Texas 18.4%
Alabama 17.9%
North Carolina 17.0%
Georgia 16.9%
Missouri 16.7%
Nevada 16.6%
Ohio 16.1%
California 15.6%

Americans have all the power to end hunger in America. There are so many things that people and the government can do to help. The 2014 Hunger Report has a plan to end hunger by the year 2030. This plan consists of a jobs agenda, a stronger safety net, human capital development, and public-private partnerships to help innovative community led initiatives against hunger (“Ending”). If people just help out in any way possible hunger could be stopped in America.
Is food important to the American Dream?
Every American wants to achieve the American Dream in some way. But not all Americas are able to achieve this dream because they do not have the ability to have the simplest thing, food. Food is the basic necessity to the American Dream because if you have no way of getting food it most likely means that they are not making money. And if people aren’t even making enough to supply them with food they definitely are not making enough to pay of a house payment or supply for a family.
Why are Americans worrying about helping other countries when they aren’t even helping their own?
Many Americans are more worried about helping other countries than helping their own. All you hear about here in American is what people are doing to help other countries instead of our own. One in every six Americans is struggling with hunger (“Hunger”). Most Americans do not even realize that this is going on in our own country. People are too focused on what is going on outside the border then what is going on inside.
If everyone had food would all of America be happy?
Even if everyone in America was free from hunger most people would still not be happy. Many Americans are okay on their own living in hunger because it has become a way of life for them. Americans have adapted to the fact that many people do go hungry every day and they don’t even think twice about it so if everyone was fed they wouldn’t change their way of thinking at all.

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