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Hunter's Point Of View: A Short Story

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*Hunter's point of view*

"Wake up now or your going to be late." My mother shrieks at me, as I attempt to pull my pillow over my head. With one fluid motion she simultaneously rips both my pillow and my comforter away from my already chilling body. The cold air floods my body leaving me in a state of almost shock.

"Get up." She growls through gritted teeth. Quickly she spins and exits the room with the whirl of bed head bouncing right along with her.

I slowly pry myself from the mattress with the numbness of sleep filling my movements. When I reach my feet I grab my glasses and proceed to examine myself. Even though I space out 6 feet and an inch, I can use my full length mirror to see every last centimeter. My eyes follow up past my sharp
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I whence just at his calm words, for I know that voice is too calm. I've heard this tone before on many different occasions. Much like old sailor sayings, my father has always had a calm before a storm. The very first time I heard this tone was when I wanted to play a different sport.


"Dad guess what, guess what." I giggled as I ran toward my dad.

"Whatever could I need to guess?" he said scooping me up and tossing me in the air.

"I'm going to go play basketball." I said overjoyed with myself. He paused and sat me back down with a confusing look on his face. He just starred at me for a second before saying.

"You're going to do wrestling, son." There was something in his oddly calm voice that scared me. All the emotion in his words were gone and I was left with the stone cold calmness.

"But dad ..."

"You will focus on wrestling." With those five words I felt every hair on my body stand on end. For the first time I was truly afraid of my dad.

"Dad I really want to play another ..." The sting on my face prevented me from saying anything else. For the first time my father had struck me and it was not the last time, not even for that day. From then on he was obsessed with striking me down.
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Today thankfully we were doing book work rather than physical training. As I sit through Colonel's boring lecture, thoughts start to gather and my perfect fantasies form. Each word sends me deeper into my own land of perfect relationship and a never ending list of fights I always had a comeback for. This time my mind drifted to the surreal feeling I get every day I see him in my next class. I imagine his perfect jaw line, his beautifully pursed lips, his stern cobalt eyes that lighten and almost twinkle when he laughs, and finally his bouncy gorgeous mess of curls on his head. Just by imagining his head I get cold chills and without realizing I let his name slip from my lips.

"Finn" I softly shudder. By the time I realize what I said, it's out there. I frantically shift my head this way and that searching for anyone who may have heard me. With a final twist left and right I come to the conclusion that no one heard. I whisper a soft prayer of thanks and force myself to actually pay attention to today's lesson of

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