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Hunting In Richard Connell's The Most Dangerous Game

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Hunting is a burning fire, it can be as tame as it is wild; but like all fires, it is easily extinguished. Like in the story, The Most Dangerous Game, the main character Rainsford is burned in the wildfires of the hunt, as he himself is hunted like the very prey he first sought after himself. Due of the experiences he was forced to endure, Rainsford may never seek the embers of his once beloved sport again. Rainsford once thought hunting was the best sport in the world, but as previously stated, his opinions swiftly changed. Rainsford went up against a fellow hunter named General Zaroff, who was almost equal in skill to himself, so good, in fact, that he began hunting a different type of game… humans. He even expresses his disgust, questioning the …show more content…
It is quite obvious that Rainsford is against Zaroff, and despite his bias towards his ideas, he may consider the possibilities of him ending up the same way, as distasteful as it sounds. To follow up on this detail, Rainsford was forced to endure what it was like to play the role of the prey in this ironic twist of events. During the story, it is even outright said the Rainsford knew “how an animal at bay feels,” as his anger towards Zaroff increases during his so called “game” (Connell 36). He could have very well developed sympathetic feelings towards what he once called mindless game, and start seeing hunting in a much different light. And thanks to how he killed Zaroff, who offered a ride home if Rainsford won, he may have sealed his fate to be stranded on the notorious Ship-Trap Island. While it may not sound too horrible, earlier, he and his partner Whitney talked about how the

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