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Huntsville Project Organizational Structure Essay

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Huntsville Project Organizational Structure Essay

James M. Reska

Keller-PM 586 – Project Management
August 19, 2012

Huntsville Project Organizational Structure Essay The success of an organization relies primarily on its organizational structure. There are three basic organizational structures; of course, there exists organizational structures that combine pieces of these three. It is my belief that no two organizations are perfectly identical. Each one requires fine tuning specifically tailored to the needs of that company. The matrix structure is used primarily for “project driven” companies, especially construction companies it combines both functional and pure project structures, each team member has two bosses; the project manager and the functional manager. The SEITZ Corporation has chosen to invest in the construction of a new plant in the next fiscal year believing that this investment is the best way to achieve the strategic goals outlined in their Project Charter. Therefore, the most feasible way for them to achieve success in this endeavor is to establish their construction/investment project as a matrix organization. Within a matrix organization there are certain ground rules that must be adhered to; participants must spend full time on projects, there must exist vertical and horizontal channels in place for making commitments, there must be methods for effective and quick conflict resolutions, all managers must have input in the planning process and have to be willing to negotiate for resources, Horizontal lines must be permitted to operate as a separate entity. This structure can provide a rapid response to changes, conflicts and all project needs (Kerzner, H. (2006) Project management).…...

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