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Hells Angels are a motorcycling club. The motorcycling gang was organized by several War World II veterans. The name originated from the 1938 movie “Hell’s Angels”. The founders took the brutal and efficient reputation of the squadrons and deiced it would go well with their club’s mentality. In 1948, the first Hells Angels chapter was formed in San Bernardino. In 1954, the next chapter was created in San Francisco and a third in Oakland in 1957. Thanks to Ralph Hubert, the founder of the Oakland chapter, Hells Angels expanded nationwide. Over the past 30 years, Hells Angels has continued to expand. Before one can start to understand what being a Hells Angel is about, it’s essential that one understands the role of the Harley Davison motorcycle. The Harley Davison is an American icon of freedom and power. American built with American iron, it’s a statement of all things American. The bikes are big, powerful, and flashy. The army utilized the bikes in World War II so they already had a special place the hearts of the founding members of the Angels. As the company expanded and engineered more and more powerful machines the desire for a “hog” kept increasing as well.
Currently, Hells Angels claims 3000 to 3500 members and more than 230 chapters in 27 countries. Membership has increased by 10% annually during the past five years. In the United States, HAMC is active throughout the country. Due to the international scope of the organization, Hells Angels are able to coordinate drug smuggling operations with prominent drug trafficking organizations, such as the Italian Mafia and Columbian cartels. In this way, criminal connections are easily enhanced.

Hells Angel’s membership is limited to male Whites, Hispanics, Asians 18 years old or older, and Harley-Davidson owners. The membership process is very involved. The preliminary stage ensures…...

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