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boy meets girl and aks her wats her name she's shy but she replies and then asks dat he does the same he asks her to get to know her better ...he needs her digits she scared she anxious...tryna figure out if he means it for a minute she relives her past gets to wonderin if dis time... if this one will last he gently tilts her chin he can see she's been hurt before he smiles coz he knows she wont hurt no more at least not with him he's determined to break down her wall he is gonna win she wonders to herself cud i have found a gud man? one dat could love n cherish me like no other can she cries as she remembers the hurt he caused hates herself coz she accepted n made excuses for all his flaws so ashamed of all the hurtful things he said if anybody asks she'd had rather be dead he crushed he made her feel worst than dirt so many sleepless nights tossin n turnin through the hurt spent so much time thinkin she'd never love again den dis angel came along n took away the pain months have gone since she met dis guy n just like he promised he's still by her side maybe there is hope for better days n she cud love dis time but jus in a different way wen she luks at him she sees who she use to be da person who'd give up everything jus to make sumone else happy but fulfillin his dreams n leavin out hers? anything u asked her for wud surely be yours dats not the way love is suppose to go and if its real arent you suppose to know she feels dat dis time its real coz wen he says it she can tell its how he truly feels yes she hated that bein so gud cud coz so much pain coz she did so much and it all went in vain but he assures her everyday dat its gonna be alright dats y she said yes to his question dat night its about time she let go of her past it obvious that it wasnt to be or it wudda last but true love came to the rescue coz this time his love she knows its true as she looks in his eyes she knows its time to move on let her guard down soak up all the love n jus let da pain be gone he waited two years and now she's about to get married goodbye to the pain she'll be walkin up the aisle n her hurt wont be carried

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