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Unit 1 Homework

1. Explain the difference between operating system software, application software, and utility software.
Operating system is the software that bridges the gap between the system and the user.
Utility software performs actions essential for protecting, guiding, securing, and storing information or data appropriately
Application software manages specific actions

2. For the following software programs, determine whether they are examples of
• operating system software,
• application software, or
• utility software

Norton Antivirus utility
Microsoft Windows XP Operating system
MAC OS X 10.6 Operating system
Microsoft Word application
An email program application
A hard drive backup program utility
An Internet browser application
Microsoft Windows 98 Operating System
RealPlayer application
Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System 3. Explain the concept of virtual memory and why it is needed.
Sets aside a portion of the Hard drive and uses it to add to the RAM making programs run faster and better. Prevents overworking the RAM and causing system crashes and slowdowns.

4. What would be a possible cause of disk “thrashing”?
Overworking the hard drive or Ram by trying to run too many programs at once.

5. What is considered the first usable version of Windows?

6. What was the first business version of Windows?

7. Which version of Windows joined together the consumer and business product lines? XP

8. What is the name of the new version of Windows that was released in 2007?

9. What is the most current version of Windows Client Operating System?
Windows 8

10. Name three (3) other Windows file systems besides FAT12.
FAT16, FAT32, NTFS4 11. How is the Windows registry organized? keys and sub keys


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