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Renaissance Man

My current day renaissance man that I chose was Jeff Bridges. Jeff Bridges has done a lot of significant things thorough his lifetime. He is currently 65, and is an actor, singer, producer, and a composer. Now, what exactly is a Renaissance man? A Renaissance man is a well round person. Back in the actual Renaissance times around (1330-1550) standards for a Renaissance man were very high. Back then a Renaissance man was charming, educated, skilled with your sword, classic, well mannered, athletic, could play music, and could write poetry. Believe it or not but Jeff actually meets many of these qualities from back then. Jeff is a highly acclaimed actor and song composer. Some movies that Jeff has been in are: R.I.P.D., Iron Man, Tron Legacy, Ted, The Giver, and The Pilot, just to name a few. Some studio albums by Jeff are: “Be Here Soon”, which was released on January 1st, 2000. Another album of his is “Jeff Bridges”, which was released on August 16th, 2011. Raphael Sanzio was also a renaissance man during the actual renaissance from the 1300-1600. Raphael was an Italian. He died on April 6th, 1520 at the age of 37. Raphael was know greatly for his paintings. Most of Raphael’s work is know for his great clarity. He made things look so clear and crisp. Raphael was very productive, owned a big workshop. Raphael in my eyes was a renaissance man back in his time because he mastered an art. He was very good at painting. Back then people who had mastered an art were highly looked upon. To also be considered a renaissance man you had to be good looking, which by a painting i saw of him, isn't to bad for a male of his time. As a conclusion i would like to say that their shouldn't be certain people that are known to be known as renaissance men or women. In opinion everyone should be a renaissance man/women. Everyone should be a well rounded character.

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