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Hypertensive and Diabetic Comparing

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There are differences and similarities between the two diseases according to their symptoms. Hypertensive and diabetic patients share some symptoms. These symptoms are Comparing and Contrasting of Hypertension and Diabetes

Did you know that in the United States, 17 million people suffer from diabetes and 50 million people suffer from hypertension. Like diabetes, hypertension millions of people don’t know that they have it. In this essay I will discuss the cause, symptoms, complication and treatment in which hypertension and diabetes are alike and how they differ.
I will start by saying hypertension and diabetes can be compared and contrasted according to their causes. There are two types of hypertension: primary hypertension and secondary hypertension. Primary hypertension is high blood pressure for which no cause can be found, but secondary hypertension has definite causes (Segen, 1992). The heart pumps blood through the body’s arteries to all parts of the body. At the time when the blood vessel become narrow, the flow of blood trough them will be harder, so the blood will exert the wall vessels and increase the pressure in them. Diabetes is similarly is that it also has two types. Type 1 diabetes is one type that occurs because of the failure of making the hormone called insulin by the pancreas. The other type is type 2 diabetes that is due to failure of using insulin by the body; in other words, diabetes occurs when the body cannot produce or use insulin.
There are environmental and genetic factors that play a role in causing hypertension and diabetes. First, environmental factors are obesity, smoking, and lack of exercise. All of these factors affect the body and its function and lead to elevation of the blood pressure and affect the production of hormones. When you become obese, you will have more fat tissue in the body. The heart pumps...

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