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I Adore Life

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The leaves are turning brown again. Cool and brisk, the wind blows up the torn sweater the old man wears. Visibly shaking and uncertain of his surroundings, he’s a husk of his former self. His eyes dilate, his face is melting. Literally melting. He collapses into a small dirty heap, his eyes shut and a final breath escapes his lips. A young boy walks by and asks for money, he too broke and dirty. Another shows up and prods his silent corpse. This is where our story begins. Set in Detroit, MI during the great recession, it’s a story based on the collapse of the withering economic catastrophe known as the Automotive Industry. I would like to ask for a possibility to build a film around the concept of the desolation felt in that town and of this place. But with only $500 in hand and an old VHS video recorder, there’s only so much I can create with these limited resources. It’ll be set in front of a Party Plus Market Off of Wyoming St, an area of town notorious for its high and violent crime rate. Its daring for sure, but I wish to capture the true feeling of a desperate environment in one of the most violent and crime riddled cities in America. If there’s a chance to negotiate an advance of at least $1000 to put towards filming expenses, it’d be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. EXT. LIQUOR STORE:
It’s dark outside. Street lights dimly glow on the entrance of a local liquor store. An old man in tattered clothes and a Walmart welcome vest is seen stumbling up the sidewalk. He’s bleeding out from his ears and nose. OLD MAN: brrrrggghhhmmmmuuuhhhh The old man falls to his knees unable to support his own weight. Blood is seeping through his clothes. The old man clutches his chest as his breathing shallows. He slumps to the ground, a pool forms under him. Two teenage boys are seen walking up to the convenience store to the…...

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