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I agree with Krauthammer's article completely. How can we as a society turn our back on our space program? His article shows his admiration for imagination, which came to life. Almost 40 years ago the space program was put in motion. The thought of mankind walking on the moon created a generation of scientist.Some of his points on where we place priority are evident. How can we spend time and money on a space station that we share with the Russians and not try to still excel above the rest of our counter parts? The mission remains ours to maintain our status in the science history books. We are experiencing problems at an alarming rate such as disease, unemployment, war, etc. Why not invest in the future and accept what it could bring. Imagine how it could jump start the vast number of great minds that exist in our communities here in the United States of America. So if our nation can spend billions on stimulus, why not put monies in our future space programs for our advancement? Furthermore, through the missions to the moon has created a new profound consciousness of earth’s environmental precautions. We have become a society that is deep into extra-terrestrials now more than ever before and why stop now? The moon we left behind, with possibilities to soar higher than anyone could have ever imagined. However Krauthammer thinks if the president can give out stimulus monies to bail out the banks and the auto industry. Why not put money into search to the moon. The author quotes JFK, “not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” With this type of research we can do the unpredictable. Harlan...

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