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I Am a Man of Vision


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I AM A MAN OF VISION by Salome F Baria

I am a man of vision. I dream to pursue every single strand of my aspirations. I desire to live in an atmosphere where I could enjoy my rights and privileges as a youngster, and liberty to do what I know is best for me and my generation. Thus, I have a mission. Mission to preserve my present world wherein I could satisfy my hunger and thirst for real freedom.

My province Apayao is my world…my cherished place. Young ever as it is yet power packed with countless bounties. Patiently waiting for the perfect moment to be made known. Here I am! I stand and advance with much vigor and vigilance. I shall conquer the dynamo concealed within each corner of this region…for its own glory and for my advantage.

Everything is perfectly beautiful in this place. The resources endowed by God. Vast mountain ranges and plains monopolized by income-generating privileges and reigned by exotic creatures. Matched by crystal clear streams and rivers inhabited by fellow living things. Oh how can I preclude myself from adoring this place? Nothing is to be compared absolutely. For from dawn to twilight, its radiance shall never fail.

The culture of this place is a priceless treasure. It transcends through towns and villages and it is a unifying factor among all ages: be it young or old, fortunate and the less. Culture reflects the past, uniquely empowers the present, and foretells what life looks life ahead. It is indeed more than the tadek, baag, and aliwa. Culture is the gracious display of the inhabitants’ core values.

How can I set aside the loftiest of them all – the people. I say everything is futile without them. I dare to unveil the mankind’s grandest blooming in its history and it is about to happen in this part of the universe. The yApayao shall marvel and take pride of the grandeur they could cause. It is the oneness of spirit, mind, and purpose that shall make the difference.

Beauty, culture, and people - all these shall advance with me in my endeavor. Then I’ll finally say to myself …I was born and reared at the right place in the right time, and I am geared towards the most perfect purpose.

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